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I am uncertain as to whether this is still in use or not. There are apparently no rules as to what content can be posted here... I realize this is quite different from the other posts, but as I found this place whilst on a mission, I figure I'll post this anyways, and moderators can remove if this is unwanted.

We are anxious to find new players as the role-play pool has been rather saturated by the same people this past year...

RavenBlack Requiem


Everyone has heard the stories about what goes bump in the night. But no one truly believes such nightmarish things could be real. Most mortals shall live their short lives without ever knowing about the world which exists within their own. They believe they are safe in their homes at night, tucked up in bed. But the reality is far more sinister than mortals understand.

We welcome you to delve into the world of fantasy and darkness. Indulge your illusions no longer and venture out into the unknown. RavenBlack Requiem is place of mystery and shadows where no one can truly be safe.

RavenBlack Requiem is a role play forum based loosely on the well known online grid game Vampires! The Dark Alleyway.. Join us and discover the city of RavenBlack and all it has to offer. Take part in daring plots where creatures of the night battle it out for dominance over the city areas or just take it easy and discuss role play with other like minded members. The possibilities are only limited by what you can imagine.

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