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The Dark Alleyway

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This is a forum for discussion of the internet game Vampires! The Dark Alleyway on ravenblack.net.

Perpetually Growing Word Map:

A, A, B, B, C, C, D, Dogwood, E, E, Ferret, Fir, Gibbon, Gum, Haddock, Holly, Iguana, Ivy, Jackal, Juniper, Kraken, Knotweed, Lion, Larch, Mongoose, Maple, Nightingale, Nettle, Octopus, Olive, Pilchard, Pine, Quail, Quince, Raven, Ragweed, Squid, Sycamore, Tapir, Teasel, Unicorn, Umbrella, Vulture, Vervain, Walrus, Willow, Yak, Yew, Zebra, Zelkova, Amethyst, Anguish, Beryl, Bleak, Cobalt, Chagrin, Diamond, Despair, Emerald, Ennui, Flint, Fear, Gypsum, Gloom, Hessite, Horror, Ivory, Ire, Jet, Jaded, Kyanite, Killjoy, Lead, Lonely, Malachite, Malaise, Nickel, Nervous, Obsidian, Oppression, Pyrites, P, Quartz, Qualms, Ruby, R, Steel, Sorrow, Turquoise, T, U, Unctuous, V, V, W, W, X, X, Y, Y, Z, Z

Banks: Haddock/Holly & 67th/68th
Ivy & 70th
Juniper & 20th
Knotweed & 19th
Lion & 80th
Mongoose/Maple & 78th/79th
Mongoose/Maple & 79th/80th
Nettle & 67th
Octopus/Olive & 71st/72nd
Octopus/Olive & 77th/78th
Olive & 9th
Pilchard & 60th
Quail & 58th
Quail & 74th
Quince & 61st
Raven & 79th
Ragweed & 31st
Ragweed & 56th
Teasel/Unicorn & 60th/61st
Teasel/Unicorn & 66th/67th
Yew & 4th
Amethyst & 37th
Beryl/Bleak & 40th/41st
Beryl/Bleak & 65th/66th
Chagrin & 39th
Emerald/Ennui & 19th/20th
Ennui/Flint & 20th/21st
Flint & 45th
Flint & 47th
Hessite/Horror & 39th/40th
Horror & 49th
Horror & 59th
Ire/Jet & 42nd/43rd
Kyanite & 6th
Lead/Lonely & 21st/22nd
Lead & 88th
Malaise/Nickel & 50th/51st
Oppression & 70th--Stick in the Mud
Pyrites & 70th--Mercer's Tavern
Qualms/Ruby & 57th/58th
Ruby & 45th
Steel & 26th
Sorrow & 49th
Uranium & 48th
Unctuous & 43rd
Vauxite & 68th
Woe & 44th

Pubs: 67th & Duck?
Gum & 33rd--Abbot’s Tavern
Mongoose & 15th
Ragweed/Squid & 78th/79th--Marbler’s Tavern
Walrus & 62nd--Ghastly Flabber Bar
Yak/Yew & 30th/31st--The Flying Nun
Yak & 90th--Falconer's Tavern
Zebra/Zelkova & 36th/37th--Cooper’s Tavern
Anguish/Beryl & 68th/69th--Dancer’s Tavern
Bleak & 64th/65th--Packer’s Tavern
Despair & 38th--Booker’s Tavern
Fear & 34th--Pub Forty-two
Gloom/Hessite & 55th/56th--The Weevil and Stallion
Killjoy & 46th--Cutter's Tavern
Lonely & 87th--Brimming Brew Pub
Nickel & 57th
Nervous & 2nd
Malachite & 70 - The Booze Hall
Pyrites & 41st--The Brain and Hatchling Pub
Pessimism & 37th--The Book and the Beggar
Obsidian & 54th--The Gunny’s Shack
Qualms & 43rd?
Qualms/Ruby & 61st/62nd--Butler’s Tavern
Steel & 23rd--Porter’s Tavern
Steel & 26th--Freeman’s Tavern
Sorrow & 91st--Fletcher’s Tavern
Turquoise & 71st--Pelter's Tavern
Yearning & 48th--The Marsupial

Transit: 3 APs and 5 coins
Mongoose/Zelkova/Malachite & 25th/50th/75th
Mongoose/Maple & 25th/26th--Calliope
Mongoose/Maple & 50th/51st--Euterpe
Mongoose/Maple & 75th--Terpsichore
Zelkova/Amethyst & 25th/26th--Clio
Zelkova/Amethyst & 50th/51st--Melpomene
Zelkova/Amethyst & 75th/76th--Thalia Station
Malachite/Malaise & 25th/26th--Erato
Malachite/Malaise & 50th/51st--Polyhymnia Station
Malachite/Malaise & 75th/76th--Urania

Crypt: Wandering Fool’s Crypt--Amethyst & 68th/69th (“There is nothing for you here.”)

Missions: Newbie--Emerald & 67th--Neutrality (10,000 coins)
Unicorn & 33rd
Emerald & 33rd

Byren's Citadel--Jaded & 75th

Become a childe of piroska.
Become a childe of grobanite.